Wednesday Pure Pilates with Small Equipment (Intermediate) – DROP IN CLASS


WHEN: Wednesday 3 April  – 17 April 2024
TIME: 8:30 – 09:15
WHERE: The Studio, Sporthal Ockenburgh, Wijndaelerduin 27, 2554 BX



Heart Benefits

Step aerobics is a classic cardio workout. It’s been around for decades because it delivers results.


Weight Loss

Specific exercises that are designed to burn fat and tone target areas such as thighs, tummy, bum and arms

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Get Stronger

Body conditioning and strengthening exercises combine to burn calories and tone muscles

Pilates mat classes in English.

For Flexibility, strength, balance and coordination

The Pilates movements stretch the muscles and pull them into a longer and leaner shape, rather than forcing them to tear and rebuild in a shorter and thicker shape as strength training does. It also gives the whole body workout that challenges your body like no other exercise.

ANYONE CAN DO IT – Men and Women – You do not have to be an athlete to be involved with Pilates. Anyone of any age and any level of fitness can do Pilates. Whether young or old, a fitness fanatic or someone who has never exercised before, you will reap the benefits.

ALL ROUND BENEFITS – The Pilates system works the body as a whole and aims to co-ordinate the upper and lower muscle groups with the center of the body. This has a dramatic effect on strength, flexibility, posture and co-ordination.

DEVELOPS CONCENTRATION – Known as the intelligent way of working out, this technique places a huge focus on concentration and discipline. Pilates treats the mind and body on different levels. Because it works the muscles in the body equally, simple everyday tasks such as shopping, or carrying the children becomes easier.


Pure Pilates with Small Equipment – Intermediate Level

This class offers a flowing series of the original 34 mat-based exercises taught by Joseph Pilates, using different equipment each week that gently conditions your body, builds flexibility, increases your overall strength and improves your balance and co-ordination.  Participants must have attended Pilates before and have familiarity with the movements.

Pilates for A Healthy Back – Beginner Level 

This class is designed for those who are unfamilar or new to Pilates Exercises.  In this class you will learn an adaptation of the original 34 mat exercises that focus on posture; strengthening the core, flow, centering and breathwork.  A perfect class to start your Pilates journey.

Pilates Flow – ONLINE

Pilates flow is a combination of the modified “34” exercises and joint mobility stretches which mean that this class is truly for everyone – it is safe for all ages, stages of life and levels of ability. Pilates Flow increases strength and flexibility but also creates balance and improves body awareness.