Vivienne Riedlin

Viv with weights in her hand

I first started teaching dance and fitness over 30 years ago, in fact I can still remember most of the steps and even the songs of my first class. It was a decision which brought me to where I am now, still challenged and still learning. Over the past 30 years I have gained certification in more than 56 different specialist instructor trainings, including some of the more unusual courses such as rebounding, kangarobics, super-fly-bungee jumping, Ariel yoga, Fitsteps (Ballroom Dancing), Piloxing, Reformer Pilates Level 3 and CCET Somatics Teacher.  I am a big believe in continuing education and am  currently completing my first of three years as a Somatics therapist as well as my Level 4 Pilates.

In  June 2023 VFIT Education became the first  Approved YMCA Awards Training Centre in The Netherlands.  This exciting news means we now offer:

  • YMCA Awards Level 2 Certificate in Group Exercise Instructing: Exercise to Music — Freestyle
  • YMCA  Awards Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates 
  • YMCA Awards  Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga 

Further qualifications will be added to the VFIT Education portfolio in 2024

My current projects include writing and developing  Children’s Courses in the field of Pilates, Yoga and Fitness.  These courses are for Qualified Practitioners wishing to work with children.  I am delighted to share that my first course Little People’s Pilates has been endorsed by both CIMSPA  and YMCA Awards  with a total of 4 CPD Points.



Specialized in Pilates and Yoga

I specialize in teaching Adults and Children’s classes especially in the areas of Pilates and Yoga.  After getting disheartened with the “boringness of yoga”  I  attended a drop in Ashtanga class while on holiday in Phuket , and was blown away.  I went on to complete my 500 hour Ashtanga Certification in Singapore which completely changed my whole outlook and delivery of Yoga and Pilates.
  • STEP / Dance Aerobics
  • Piloxing /Pilates
  • Body Band / Body Max
  • Simple Somatics
boy on ball

Fun Classes - Happy, Healthy Kids

Instructor for all ages!

I am always drawn back to my children’s classes, even with the responsibilities that come with it.  Why? because they are fun to teach, you never have enough time, the feedback is always incredible but not always what you expect to hear, and the pressure to deliver is so very different from teaching adults.  Not only is it rewarding to see the children perfect their movements but it is an honor to watch them grow confident and proud of their hard work, hear their kindness and thoughtfulness, listen to their stories and jokes, and be a tiny part of their quest to learn and grow.  I truly believe that children want to please and do well.  I myself, am constantly developing and creating things I hope they will enjoy and take forward into their futures.

Certified Somatics Teacher

My current love is Somatics, and I am very proud to be a certified Somatics Teacher.  Over the next three years I will begin a new journey of expanding this knowledge to become a Clinical Somatics Therapist.   I truly believe that Somatics can remove pain, stress and  tension for people, it’s like this magic that happens in front of my eyes.

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