Private Sessions are available for  Somatics, Pilates, & Yoga Students

A Private session will allow you to work closely with your practitioner to get rapid results with expert suggestions tailored to suit your individual needs

You will learn to understand how stress contributes to your pain and restricts your movement, and how you can improve your ability to monitor and adjust to keep the pain and tension away.  Discovering specific  movements that are right for you benefit you the most.

What To Expect

First Session:

  • Detailed medical intake and health history
  • Detailed assessment of your posture and gait
  • Personalized guided (online) or hands-on (in person) lesson
  • Short routine of Somatic Movements/Pilates Exercises/Yoga Poses for home self-care

 Follow-up Sessions:

  • Personalized guided (online) or hands-on (in person) lesson
  • Review of previous self-care Somatic Movements/Exercises/Poses
  • New Somatic Movements
  • Self-care advice regarding sitting, standing, and daily functional movement

One to One Online Sessions Pricing

Initial Online Session – €70,00 (75 minutes)
For new clients only!

Follow-Up Online Sessions – €65,00  (60 minutes)
For returning clients who have had an initial session within the last 2 years.

What Do I Need Before My Sessions?

  • Ensure a good internet connection and a laptop/computer with a working camera and microphone
  • Wear comfortable clothing that permits movement
  • Locate a quiet space in your home without distractions
  • Clear a space on the floor with enough room for you to lie down and spread your arms without touching anything. You will need a mat, some water, and some cushions for comfort.

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