Tiny Yogi’s Children’s Yoga 5+

WHEN: Sold Out
TIME: 15:15 – 16:00
WHERE: At The Hungry Mind, Red Portacabin, Wijndaelerweg 9a, 2554 BZ Den Haag
Duration: 45 minutes

Designed exclusively for children 5+.




In this course the children learn the basic yoga poses, and learn how to progress them throughout the course.

This class helps children understand about themselves, increases their focus, confidence and self awareness, builds strong bones, and improves co-ordination and balance, but most of all its really great fun!

Children are introduced to many different Asanas (poses),  breathwork (pranayama), and concentration and meditation techniques that help relieve stress and anxiety using lots of fun games and stories. They learn how to set intention, create their own yoga sequences and explore some of the different styles of yoga currently practiced.  Its packed with fun yoga games, and different equipment such as yoga blocks, balance boards and soft balls to challenge their balance.  The classes are themed based a the theme changes each week.


  • You will need to wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in easily such as leggings/shorts and a t-shirt/. (No Jeans or tights as they will restrict your movements),.
  • Your water bottle so you stay hydrated throughout class.

Classes are taught in bare feet or yoga socks if you cannot be in bare feet.  A Yoga mat is provided for each child as part of the course.  A minimum of 7 children are required to run this course.



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